Christmas Eve Crisis

Christmas Eve Crisis 1.00

Santa needs your help before Christmas!


  • Great for kids
  • 10 levels
  • Nice graphics


  • The first levels are really too easy!


When he decides to leave the reindeer at home, in favor of a new motor powered Sleigh, Santa thinks he's doing Rudolph and the gang a favor. Unfortunately, the new system doesn't work so well, and Santa crash lands after dropping presents all over the globe.

In the cute platform game Christmas Eve Crisis, you have to help Santa recover and deliver all the presents before sunrise. This is a simple game that's perfect for kids, with simple controls, plenty of help and not too much difficulty. The graphics are cute and clear, although the animation is extremely basic. The sound is suitably Christmassy, with some jolly Santa effects and music.

Everything you need to know to play the game is introduced during the game, and it's a very gentle learning curve. While later levels are more difficult, it shouldn't trouble players too much. Everything works well in Christmas Eve Crisis, although the sometimes platforms are unclear on buildings and in trees. It's rarely a big problem though, as even if you do jump into a Firefly or cactus (for example), there are save game points in each level, and unlimited lives.

At 10 levels, this is big enough for a Christmas game as you won't need to play it into the new year! Obviously it's not very long, but it's a well produced title for free. There are a couple of adverts for other games by this developer when you exit, but you can simply click past them without waiting.

Christmas Eve Crisis is a fun and easy platform game that kids will enjoy, and be able to play without problems.

Christmas Eve Crisis


Christmas Eve Crisis 1.00

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